Springtime Renewal at Thorp House Inn

As I write this we are in the waning days of April. COVID-19 has gripped our state, indeed our country and the world. I spent some time reflecting on the past 16 months that we have owned Thorp House Inn and I still wouldn’t change anything. Yes, this year has been very difficult from a business standpoint, and there was no way I, nor anyone could have expected what this virus would do to families, loved ones, and livelihoods. We had grand plans to update and make aesthetic changes around the property in 2020. Most of these plans are on hold, yet despite all the challenges we are grateful for the springtime renewal that we will be experiencing.

We were able to complete one of our intended projects: Adding Lillian to our inn rooms. Speaking of Lillian, it turned out beautifully–everything I hoped it would be. I have no regrets because I know this cozy room, at an entry level price, will allow more people to experience the wonders of a bed and breakfast.

We’ve had a chilly spring so far but that hasn’t stopped us from cleaning up the landscaping a bit and removing dead trees and trimming other ones. For return guests who are coming this year, you will surely notice a subtle difference. Other improvements include enhanced wireless networking throughout the property; a new king bed for Everil, and a second queen bed for Teal cottage. We also revamped our guest pantry area and added some nicer amenities to that space.

Call us at 920-868-2444 to receive this special. New reservations only please.

And we still offer, as always, our cottage special: book 7 days and receive one of those days free. Finally, we have received some cancellations so check out our calendar because there are new open dates available.

Well we sincerely hope you and your loved ones are doing well and we hope you can make it up to visit us this year. See you soon and be well.

Matt Ranzau


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