Here We Go Again!

Yes, it’s true. These days are all about snow removal. Someone said we have received upwards of 70” of snow so far this winter with an average of 48”. We really have nowhere else to put it!

This winter has certainly been more than I bargained for! On March 3, I celebrated my 2-month anniversary owning the Thorp House Inn and the benefits to all this winter’s snow removal go beyond clearing walkways for our guests – For example, the exercise of snow blowing and shoveling has contributed to my losing nearly 25 pounds in less than 8 weeks. That is no typo!

As I continue to meet more people in this extraordinary community, I am heartened by the sense of community here, and the willingness of people to help out when needed. My staff innkeepers, Lauren and Courtney are phenomenal, and I could not operate this inn without their dedication and support. I am learning from them every day. They are truly valuable in every sense of the word. One of my favorite parts of inn-keeping is engaging with guests. We have extraordinary guests and it is my great pleasure to host them, to get to know them and their stories, and develop relationships for future visits. I could literally do this all day long.

In case you were wondering, there is still so much to do and take in in northern Door County this winter, with plenty of winter outdoor activities for the adventurer, and cozy restaurants and brew pubs for the foodies. Of course, we are open all year and I look forward to welcoming you to the inn this winter or spring. We can’t wait for you to experience the best fish creek lodging available!